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Inmate Programs

The Department maintains a catalogue of evidence-based, life skills, promising practice, and substance abuse programs to address a wide range of reentry, supervision, and incarceration needs. Program offerings vary based on available resources and the needs of the offender population. The Department of Corrections maintains a list of the programs that are currently available.

To see a description of the programs offered at KCIW, or to view the complete Adult Institution's Catalogue, please visit our Adult Institutions Programs page.

Programs Currently Offered at KCIW:

  • Challenges - Share
  • Employment Program
  • Getting Started
  • MRT - Anger Management
  • MRT - Moral Reconation Therapy
  • MRT - Mentor
  • MRT - Parenting
  • MRT - Staying Quit
  • MRT - Untangling Relationships
  • MRT - Thinking for Good
  • MRT - Trauma
  • PORTAL New Direction
  • RHU - Administrative
  • Sex Offender Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Mentor
  • Substance Abuse Program
Education Programs

  • Computer Literacy
  • GED Diploma
  • Braille Music
  • Braille Nemeth
  • Braille Literary Certification‚Äč
  • CT Fundamentals
  • Horticulture
  • In2Work
  • NCRC
  • Associates of Arts Degree
  • Associates of Applied Science Degree
  • Bachelor's-Level Degree
  • Master's-Level Degree