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Region 4

P&P Reentry Coordinators

District 16
Eva Rhea
Phone: 502-751-4402
Counties Covered: Eastern Jefferson County

District 17
William O'Nan
Phone: 502-782-9128
Counties Covered: Western Jefferson County 

District 18
Jodi Harris
Phone: ​502-541-0389​
Counties Covered: Southwest Jefferson County 

District 19
Jessie Sides
Phone: 502-541-0389
Counties Covered: Southeast Jefferson County


Adult Institutions Reentry Coordinators

Luther Luckett Correctional Complex:
Zachary Page​
Phone: 502-222-0365 Ext. 3564 

Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women:
Kathleen Hoffman​
Phone: 502-241-8454 Ext. 2351
Nicole Lowry-Hall
Phone: 502-241-8454 Ext. 2285


Reentry Employment Program Administrators

North Louisville:
Robert Taylor
Phone: 502-938-9663 

South Louisville:
Adil Elmednoub
Phone: 502-554-3095

Local Area Reentry Councils
Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition