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Victim Services

VINE Stats

​2022 Enhanced VINE Statistics

Victims, law enforcement officials and citizens of the Commonwealth use VINE to monitor an offender's custody status and release dates.

           6,932,187 Searches for offenders
                1,366,273 by VINElink
                18,469 by VINEWATCH
                22,450 by Phone
                5,529,995 MobilePatrol

           612,220 Notifications made to victims
                181,663 phone
                223,349 Email
                317 TTY
                197,235 SMS (text messaging)
                9,656 InApp

           207,736 New Victim Registrations
                50,328 Phone
                71,072 Email
                228 TTY
                81,087 SMS (text messaging)
                5,021 InApp

Service Provider Directory

           7,345 Searched Performed
           1,059 Want to Talk to Someone​


VINE Courts*

           78,934 Searches for Court Cases
           36,076 Notifications on Court Cases
           6,663 New Registrations

​*Kentucky Department of Corrections-Victim Services Branch no longer provide VINEcourts which means that victims no longer have the ability to register on court cases and/or receive notifications on existing registrations.

VINE Protect

           1,108,451 Searches for Protective orders
                30,304 Notifications made
                22,461 Phone
                7,843​ Email