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Sex Offender Treatment Program

​​The Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP), as established by KRS 197.400-197.440 in July of 1986 provides sexual offenders, who are amenable to treatment, with resources to prevent further sexual offenses. Luther Luckett Correctional Complex (LLCC) is one of four institutions in Kentucky that offers SOTP. Law limits the program at LLCC to capacity of no more than 150 participants at any given time. Treatment is done in group sessions of no more than 8 to 12 clients per group, meeting for 1 1/2 hours per week. Each participant is expected to attend and participate in every session. This includes speaking actively as a member of the group, accepting full responsibility for sexually abusive behavior, keeping the confidentiality of all group members and completing all assignments.

If an inmate wants to apply to SOTP, he needs to:

Have his CTO send a referral for him, even those individuals who have been seen for the screening interviews held at the Roederer Correctional Complex Assessment Center. Be within three years of eligibility to meet with the Parole Board. If his parole hearing date has been passed while he is in treatment, the board is notified when he has completed treatment and he will be seen at the next available date that the board meets.

Whenever it becomes necessary for SOTP to maintain a waiting list, the applicants are taken into the program by order of which their referrals are received.

Additional legislation will be of interest to individuals convicted of sex offenses. A bill passed in 1992 requires that individuals convicted of a sexual offense shall have a sample of blood take by the Department of Corrections for DNA law enforcement identification purposes before leaving the institution where they are incarcerated.

A bill passed in 1994 and 1998 requires the "ALL" individuals convicted of a sex offense shall register a home address prior to release from the institution. Registered offender in the Commonwealth of Kentucky fall into two categories:

Lifetime Registrants - address verified every 90 days
10 Year Registrants - address verified annually

Failure to comply with the statutes may result in prosecution and sentencing.


There are several types of counseling available to the inmate population. Unit Staff will assist in day-to-day guidance and counseling and refer inmates to other programs as appropriate.

The Mental Health Division provides a specialized Sex Offender Treatment Program and a Substance Abuse Program. It should be noted that, according to statute, sex offenders convicted of crimes committed on or after July 15, 1986 are required to successfully complete a Sex Offender Program in order to be released by parole (KRS 439.340).

SOTP Institutional and Community Staff


KY Sex Offender Risk Assessment Advisory Board (SORAAB)

The Sex Offender Risk Assessment Advisory Board approves providers who conduct comprehensive sex offender presentence evaluations and treatment. The board develops comprehensive sex offender presentence evaluations that shall be used by approved providers in assessing the risk of recommitting a sex crime by a sex offender, the threat posed to public safety, amenability to sex offender treatment and the nature of the required sex offender treatment.

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