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Division of Reentry Services



Mission Statement

Improve involvement within the criminal justice system by creating individualized reentry plans, empowering individuals with resources, support and programming, to promote successful reintegration into the community.


The Division of Reentry Services'​ vision is to help all we serve to achieve a successful reintegration into society beginning with the first day of incarceration or supervision. The Division's mission statement addresses three key areas. We focus on forming community partnerships. By formalizing partnerships across Kentucky, we are gaining resources to assist the justice-involved population with barriers. This is also beneficial in educating society about barriers that exist.

The next area of focus for the Division is empowering our population. Reentry Services strives to empower the individuals we serve by connecting them to the resources obtained within their communities. As a Division, we support our population and their families, through assistance, guidance and education. As a Department, we provide evidence based and promising practices programming to empower to justice-involved population with prosocial thinking, coping and life skills.

Providing successful reintegration is the overall goal of the Division. Our Division works with the justice-involved population to enhance communities by aiding in the transition of the individuals becoming pro-social members of society.​