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Probation and Parole

​Supervisor​Phone Number
​District 1​Steve Balentine​270-575-7235
​District 2Jonathan Vincent
​District 3Heather Meredith​
​District 4Heather Foster​502-595-4035
​District 5William Herald​270-766-5073
​District 6Charece Brown​859-239-7614
​District 7Taliyah Jefferson
​District 8
Mitchell King
​District 9
Josh King
​District 10​Barry Cochrane​606-330-2045
​District 11Trent Vanhoose
​District 12
Don Keene
​District 13
Chip McIntyre​
​District 14​Steve Heddleston​859-873-5549
​District 15​Susan Thompson​606-739-5833
​District 16Timothy Walker​
​District 17Colter Turner​
​District 18
Amber Ryan​
​District 19Mike Mitchell​502-969-9001
​District 20David McIver​606-677-4024