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Victim Services


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

Registration FAQ's

Q: How do I register to be notified when an offender's custody changes?
A: You may go to, select desired state, then click on the Find an Offender icon. Type in a partial name or offender ID#, locate the correct offender, then click on the Notify Me of Status Changes icon and follow the prompts. You may also contact VINE at 1-800-511-1670.

Q: When I enter the name for an offender there are two records for him/her. Why is that?
A: Some Department of Corrections offenders will have both a DOC and a local jail record. If this occurs, register for both.


Notification FAQ's

Q: If an inmate escapes from a prison in my community can I be notified?
A: Yes. AlertXpress provides information about the community escape notification system.

Q: I have forgotten my PIN number. How do I get the notification calls to stop?
A: You may go to, select the state in which you are registered, then select the Edit Your Registration icon and follow the prompts to make desired changes. Or you may contact the Victim Services Branch at 502-564-5061 or 877-687-6818 (toll-free).

Q: If an offender is on supervision and goes back to jail, will I be notified?
A: Yes, there is a potential you will be notified when the offender is returned to custody.

Q: I am getting calls almost every hour about an inmate getting released from prison and I have no idea who he/she is or why I am getting notified. Am I in danger and what can I do to stop these calls?
A: If you are receiving notification calls, that means someone has registered your phone number with the VINE system. If you are positive no one at your home registered to be notified, there are two other possibilities: either someone entered your number in error, or more than likely, if your number has been assigned to you within the past 2 or 3 years, it was registered by the previous owner of the number and the registration was not cancelled when the victim gave up that number.
In either case you are not in danger. The VINE System registrations are completely anonymous. Call our office at 502-564-5061 or 877-687-6818 (toll-free), and a staff member will assist you in getting your number removed from the registration data base.


Offender FAQ's

Q: How do I obtain information about an offender through VINE?
A: You may go to, select Kentucky. You will need to know either the offender's name or ID (jail or DOC number).
Or you may dial 800-511-1670 and follow the instructions.

Q: Where can I find information about an offender's early release?
A: A notification may be sent to you if you are registered on that offender notifying when that offender is approaching the end of his/her sentence and is scheduled to be released.

Q: Can I get information about offenders in other states?
A: Go to and click on the desired state.


Miscellaneous FAQ's

Q: As a victim, how do I provide input to the Parole Board concerning my offender?
A: Contact the Victim Services Branch (1-800-221-5991) and inform them that you would like to schedule a victim      hearing, so that you may have input in regards to the parole hearing.

Q: Where can I find information about other services provided for Kentucky crime victims?
A: See our link to victim resources. You may also contact our office, or the Victim Advocate in the office of your county attorney or the commonwealth attorney for your district.