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General Benefits

State Employee Resources

​Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP)

The Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP) is dedicated to helping state employees find solutions to the personal problems that may hinder their effectiveness at work, including stress. This benefit is only available for state employees who are covered under the KRS 18A. For more information on accessing free KEAP services, please visit their we​bsite.

Each person seeking help will receive a confidential assessment with a trained professional. The purpose of the assessment is to clearly identify the problem. The assessment may be conducted face-to-face or by telephone

After the assessment, KEAP may make a referral to the most appropriate professional or resource and provide assistance in making contact with those resources. KEAP does not provide ongoing counseling.

After making the referral, KEAP maintains intermittent contact with the employee to ensure the process has gone smoothly and the needed services are being provided.

Crisis Intervention
When critical incidents or workplace trauma occur, the EAP can provide crisis response. Psychological first aid services provide individuals with information about possible reactions that may follow a critical incident. A structured environment allows individuals to discuss their thoughts and reactions to the incident.

Grief Response
When death affects a workgroup, KEAP is available to help co-workers.

Management Consultation
Supervisors may consult with KEAP professionals for guidance regarding difficult employee and workplace situations.

KEAP staff member are available for staff development training and onsite educational opportunities.

Mediation and Workplace Resolution

Mediation and Workplace Resolution differ in that mediation usually involves two people who arrive at their own solution with the assistance of a mediator, whereas Workplace Resolution involves more people and includes recommendations from the facilitators. For more information on mediation, click h​ere.

Adoption Benefit

For employees who wish to adopt, the Commonwealth of Kentucky provides financial assistance of up to $3,000 ($5,000 for children with special needs) to help cover adoption expenses. This benefit is only available to executive branch employees covered by KRS 18A. Please contact your agency's Human Resources Administrator to find out if you are covered.

Military Member's Adoption Benefit

The Kentucky National Guard Adoption Benefit Program allows actively serving members of the Kentucky Air and Amy National Guard to be reimbursed for a portion of the direct costs incurred in the adoption process. The program is administered by the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs, Division of Administrative Services, utilizing the resources of the Military Family Assistance Trust Fund.

Self-Development Training

State employees and managers may attend a variety of self-development training, which may help to reduce stress and improve mental health, through the Personnel Cabinet's Governmental Services Center. Training topics include: time management, coping with difficult behaviors, managing work relationships and many more.

Performance Evaluation Management

The Commonwealth's performance evaluation process of state merit employees is an important part of an employee's work life. The system establishes clear performance goals, recognizes outstanding performance and encourages productive communication with an employee's supervisor.

Free Tax Filing

The Kentucky Department of Revenue is pleased to offer free e-filing of completed individual income tax returns for all EXECUTIVE BRANCH STATE EMPLOYEES.

Employee Discounts

Businesses throughout Kentucky are showing their appreciation by offering Commonwealth employee discounts. Enjoy great perks at retail stores, state parks, resorts, sporting events and more. Click here to learn more.

Kentucky Employee Suggestion System

Earn up to $2,500 for your good ideas! Because our team members know best, the Kentucky Employee Suggestion System (KESS) provides monetary incentives to those who share ideas that will improve the productivity and services offered by the state. Cash awards range from $100 to $2,500.

Credit Unions

As a state employee, you may want to join the Commonwealth Credit Union or the Kentucky Employees Credit Union. Each offers a wide range of financial services, including secured and unsecured loans, savings plans, and payroll deductions.

Office of Diversity, Equality & Training

The Office of Diversity, Equality & Training (ODE&T) is responsible for the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and program to promote and monitor progressive statewide workforce management in the areas of equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, retention, inclusion, and diversity. ODE&T also has responsibility for the development, coordination, and implementation of all training, employee development, and related programs conducted on behalf of the Executive Branch. Click here for more information.

Carpooling, Vanpooling, and Slugging

Sharing a ride by carpooling and vanpooling is an excellent way to help reduce traffic and save money at the same time. Many major metropolitan areas have dedicated lanes for high occupancy vehicles (HOV). The advantage given to high occupancy vehicles has spawned a type of ridesharing among strangers called slugging. Click here for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Commonwealth employees serve the citizens of Kentucky every day. However, many go beyond to volunteer in their communities as well. Below are a few examples of efforts supported by Team Kentucky. Click he​re for more information.