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​Military Leave

Active members of the United States Army Reserve, Naval Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Public Health Service Reserve, or the National Guard are credited with 21 working days of military leave for the purpose of fulfilling state and/or federal active duty orders, provided your orders require your absence from your state job.

You are entitled to any pay raises that would have been granted, as well as seniority that would have accrued, and your increment date does not change. you will be credited with the appropriate months of service upon presentation of a DD-214 to your human resource administrator. Please note that while you are entitled to months of service for the purpose of leave accrual, you do not accrue annual or sick leave while on military leave without pay.

If you are wounded or disabled and unable to perform your job upon return, the state must offer a position similar in status and pay to the previous job for which you are qualified and able to perform. You mean read more about military leave in the Employee Handbook (starting on page 30​)

Military Spousal Leave

Any state employee who is the spouse of an active member of the Reserves listed above, who is called upon to serve under Federal orders (deployment) shall be granted on day paid leave prior to deployment and one day paid leave upon return from deployment, per federal fiscal year (October - September), according to KRS Chapter 18A.190