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Administrative Services

​The Division of Administrative Services provides across the Department of Corrections:

  • Strategic and daily financial management
  • Budget development, implementation, and execution
  • Accounting assistance and training
  • Purchasing
  • Contact Management
  • Internal Audits
  • Property Accountability
  • Insurance coverage and policy management
  • FLEET reporting
  • Statistical analysis and the budget portion of legislative impact statements

Fiscal Management Branch

Fiscal Accounting staff pre-audits and approves all financial transactions initiated by the Department. Documents that are process through this section include:

  • Employee travel vouchers
  • Personal service contract payments
  • Unemployment and workers' compensation
  • Insurance claims
  • Cash receipts
  • Account Payable including Utilities

Supervisors and staff process electronic payment vouchers and inter-accounts in eMARS submitted by vendors and other agencies which includes FLEET billing, the Commonwealth's Office of Technology (COT) for technical support and training, and the Department of Insurance for insurance coverage services. The Procurement Card Administrator for Kentucky​ Department of Corrections support staff is also an integral part of the fiscal branch and monitors procurement card purchases for accuracy and compliance with Finance Statewide Accounting Services policies and procedures. This branch also has the authority to post audit fiscal activities for KY Department of Corrections  operated institutions.

Procurement Branch

The staff of the Purchasing Branch serves as the central purchasing agents for the Department. The staff prepares and coordinates requisitions initiated by the Department and assists institutional Fiscal Managers with purchasing issues. This branch is responsible for all Personal Service Contracts and Memoranda of Agreement.  This branch also does the purchasing for central office and coordinates the training for all Corrections' personnel in new purchasing techniques (eMARS, Pro-Card).


Michael McKinney​, Director

Tonya Hunter, Assistant Director