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Probation & Parole

Restoration of Civil Rights

In one of his first official acts, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed an Executive Order on December 12, 2019 automatically restoring the voting rights to many felons. The order also will allow them to hold public office.

When individuals who are currently in custody or on supervision are considered for final discharge of sentence, the Department of Corrections will review them to see if they are eligible for automatic restoration. If eligible, DOC will give them a Notice of Restoration with their release documents. This informs them that they are now eligible to register to vote.

The Department of Correction has a new website with a searchable database for Kentuckians to find out if their rights have been restored. If so, they are eligible to register to vote immediately.

​​​​​Check out the new Civil Rights Restoration website!

​ What if you don't qualify for automatic restoration? You can still apply! click on the link below to view and/or print the newest application. You can also go to any Probation and Parole office for assistance with the application.

Restoration of Civil Rights Application

*Any individual who submitted an application for restoration of civil rights to a prior Governor's administration is encouraged to submit an application with updated information to the current administration.*

*Restoration of civil rights does not give a convicted felon the right to purchase, own, or have in their possession a firearm or other weapon*