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Addiction Services


​Addiction Services of Kentucky



Recovery is possible if you ASK for help!

The Division of Addiction Services is responsible for the clinical and administrative oversight of all Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment related to inmates, parolees, and probationers within our care as determined by statute. This oversight includes treatment in prisons, jails, reentry service centers (RSCs), recovery Kentucky Centers (RKCs), and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) through a partnership with regional Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs). Substance Use Disorder clinical determination for probationers and parolees through a network of social service clinicians in the Probation & Parole districts are also included in this oversight.

To date, the Division has programs in the following:

  • 14 programs in 11 prisons with a total of 1,033 beds
  • 29 programs in 19 detention centers/jails with a total of 1,584 beds
  • 14 Reentry Service Centers (RSC) with a total of 1,247 beds
  • 13 Recover Kentucky Centers (RKC) with a total of 780 beds
  • 15 Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) - Community Mental Health Centers with a total of 1,470 treatment slots


The Department has expanded programming from 475 treatment beds in 2004, to a current level of 6,114 treatment and aftercare slots in 2024. All prison and jail treatment programs are licensed through the Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. The Division of Addiction Services utilizes an evidence-based curriculum that is geared specifically to justice-involved clients with substance use disorder. The Division of Addiction Services has remained committed to providing services and interventions that are clinically driven instead of focusing on punitive responses. 

House Bill 284 went it to effect July 15, 2020.  This new law amended KRS 439.268 and allows the Department of Corrections to offer clients that are currently under the supervision of Probation and Parole (P&P) Program Good Time Credit (PGTC) for programs completed on or after August 1, 2020.  Programs that are interested in becoming DOC approved program providers can find additional information for the application process for substance use disorder treatment programs. 

The Department is unable to approve any substance abuse treatment programs that require religious participation or that meet the definition of a religious program since good time credit cannot be awarded for such programs. For a program to qualify for good time credit the program must have a secular purpose, be one that neither advances nor inhibits religion, and must not foster an excessive government entanglement with religion.​

Application for Approved Program Status


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