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Policies and Procedures

Chapter 27

Supervision - Probation and Parole

Chapter Contents

27-01-01  Probation and Parole Procedures
27-01-02  Probation and Parole Personnel Procedures
27-01-03  Fiscal Audit
27-02-01  Duties of Director
27-02-02  Duties of Probation and Parole Officers
27-02-03  Chain of Command
27-03-01  Case Record Management
27-04-01  Data Collection and Internal Research
27-04-02  External Movement
27-05-01  Testimony, Court Demeanor and Availability of ​Legal Services
27-05-02  Use of Addiction Service Staff
27-06-02  Equal Access to Services
27-07-01  Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies
27-08-01  Use of Force and Critical Incident Reporting
27-09-01  Kentucky Community Resources Directory
27-10-01  Pretrial Diversion
27-10-02  Mandatory Reentry Supervision
27-10-05 Supervising Youthful Offenders
27-11-01  Citizen Complaints
27-11-02  Staff - Offender Interaction
27-12-01  Case Classification
27-12-03  Initial Interview
27-12-04  Conditions of Supervision and Request for Modification
27-12-05  Releasee's Report Document
27-12-06  Grievance Procedures for Offenders
27-12-07  Administrative Caseloads
27-12-11  Guidelines for Monitoring Financial Obligations
27-12-13  Community Service Work
27-12-14  Offender Travel
27-13-01  Drug and Alcohol Testing of Offenders
27-14-01  Interstate Compact
27-15-01  Supervision Reporting Documents, Violations and Unusual Incidents
27-15-02  Curfew and Monitoring
27-15-03  Graduated Sanctions and Discretionary Detention
27-16-01  Search, Seizure and Processing of Evidence
27-17-01  Absconder Procedure
27-18-01  Probation and Parole Issuance of Detainer or Warrant
27-19-01  Probable Cause Hearing
27-19-02  Parole Board Sanctions
27-20-03  Parole Compliance
27-21-01  Apprehension of Probation and Parole Violators
27-23-01  In-State Transfer
27-24-01  Releasing Offender from Active Supervision
27-24-02  Reinstatement of Offenders to Active Supervision
27-26-01  Restoration of Civil Rights
27-30-01  Sex Offender Registration
                    Sex Offender Registration (Spanish)
27-30-02  Sex Offender Supervision