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Victim Services

Helpful Links

The following is a list of links and phone numbers encompassing a network of victim services providers in Kentucky and across the nation.


KOOL - Kentucky Online Offender Lookup 

KY Parole Board 

Kentucky Sex Offender Registry

Kentucky Domestic Violence Assoc.

Kentucky Assoc. of Sexual Assault Programs

Kentucky Attorney General's Office Victim Advocacy

KY Crime Compensation Board

Prison Escape ​Notification System (AlertXPress)

National Domestic Violence Association

Nation Center for Victims of Crime

Natioanl Center fo​r Missing and Exploited Children

Victim Law

​​Adult and Child Abuse Reporting Hotline - (800) 752-6200 or (502) 595-4550​Spouse Abuse Shelter Hotline - (800) 544-2022
​Kentucky Council of Child Abuse Parent Hotline - (800) 432-9251