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​​​​​​Visitation at the following institutions is suspended until further notice:

Blackburn Correctional Complex (BCC)​
Bell County Forestry Camp (BCFC)*
Kentucky State Reformatory (KSR)​
Lee Adjustment Center (LAC)*
Northpoint Training Center (NTC)*​
*virtual visitaiton will continue at BCFC, ​​LAC, ​and ​​NTC.
​​​ ​​​

​If you are interested in becoming an approved treatment or community program provider, click below for more information:

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Provider
Evidence-Based progra​m or​ Life S​kills




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To contact the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet with a question, concern, or suggestion, please click here: Justice Listens



Hilarye Dailey
Deputy Commissioner
Support Services