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Visiting Information

In-person visitation at WKCC has been suspended until further notice. Virtual visitation is still being conducted.

Beginning the week of June 20, 2021, all DOC Adult Institutions will be operating with new visitation protocols.

To see the visitation guidelines across all prison, click here.
To see the updated visitation information for WKCC, click here.

Visitor's Dress Code

In keeping with the institution's policy of maintaining a healthy, relaxed visiting atmosphere, the adoption of reasonable standards of dress has been established.

  • A visitor shall dress in appropriate attire while at the institution. If the admitting officer determines that the visitor is not properly clothed in accordance with the dress code stated below, the visit may be denied. Proper dress shall be maintained throughout the visit.
  • Undergarments shall be worn. Female visitors shall wear a bra and underwear. Male visitors shall wear underwear.
  • Visitors shall not wear the following
    • Tank Tops
    • Cut-off T-Shirts
    • See-through clothing (Mesh, net or transparent)
    • Halter Tops
    • Leggings
    • Spandex pants
  • Appropriate attire shall include:
    • Dress (females only)
    • Skirt (females only)
    • Blue Jeans
    • Pants
    • Suit
    • Shirt
    • Shorts
  • Shorts and skirts shall not be higher than 6 inches above the knee. A dress or skirt, with any split, slit, zipper, or buttons thereon, shall not exceed 6 inches above the knee. 2 hair ties or 1 headband may be worn by a visitor.
  • Clothing shall cover the midriff, cleavage, and bosom. Shirts and blouses shall have sleeves and shall be buttoned.
  • Footwear shall be required at all times.
  • A visitor shall not wear clothing, a hat, insignia or emblem that reflects a gang or club that is not recognized by institutional policies.
  • Any minor age 12 or older shall comply with the adult dress code.