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Visiting Information

Visiting Time

Inmates That Have Clear Conduct
  • Their visitation shall be from 7:30am - 2:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday and state-recognized holidays. Visitor registration for weekend visitation shall be from 7:30am - 10:30am. A visitor shall not be permitted to enter after 10:30am or exit between 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Visitors arriving to the parking lot shall be required to wait in their vehicle until 7:30am.
General Population Inmates
  • Their visitation shall be from 7:30am - 2:00pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and state-recognized holidays. Visitor registration for weekend visitation shall start at 7:30am.

All visitors shall then report to the Staff Canteen across the street from the entrance to the Administration Building and take a number from the number board. Visitors will be processed in numerical order. Once the visitor's number is displayed on the message board outside the Administration Building, they may report to the Administration Building for processing. All visitors, to include children, will be pat searched by a staff person of the same sex and will be required to process through the metal detector.

The visitation schedule is rotated on a quarterly basis and is assigned specific visiting days for each inmate based on the inmates housing unit.

2020 WKCC Visitation Schedule

(Holidays are subject to change)


Friday Night Visiting Schedule - To Be Determined 

Inmates who live in Meritorious Housing and/or have 6 months of continuous clear conduct may visit on both weekend days and every day noted on the holiday schedule.

Visitors whishing to visit inmates assigned to the Restrictive Housing Unit must write for an approved time and be received 5 working days in advance of the visit. The RHU visits will be conducted by close circuit television and be limited to 2 hours.

Number of Visitors

To accommodate the amount of indoor visiting space at WKCC, each inmate shall receive a maximum of three adult visitors at any one time. There shall be no restrictions on the number of visitors under age 18 provided other regulations regarding children's entry are met.

The only Exceptions to the above shall be if an inmate receives written approval from the Deputy Warden of Security to exceed the three adult visitor limit. Any inmate requesting to exceed the three adult visitor limit shall submit a written request to the Deputy Warden of Security providing the reason the request, the number of persons requested to visit, relation to the visitors, the date requested and any other relevant information. All requests for exceptions shall be received no later than one week proceeding the requested visiting day. If approved for an exception to the above, written approval from the Deputy Warden of Security or Designee will be sent to the initiating person making the request. The written approval should be brought to the visit.

Visitors Allowed and Excluded:

All visitors must be on the inmate's approved visitation list prior to the day of visitation. It shall be the responsibility of the inmate to ensure all visitors are on the approved list.

Persons under the age of 18 shall not be permitted to visit unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or by another immediate family member with notarized written parental or guardian approval. The name of the parent, legal guardian or other immediate family member accompanying the child shall be included on the approved visitation list. All children shall visit with the same inmate being visited by the accompanying adult and shall be kept under supervision of the accompanying adult.

Former Corrections staff or staff contracted through DOC shall be allowed to visit only with the written approval of the Deputy Warden of Security.

Former inmates of the Kentucky Corrections System shall have written permission from the Warden prior to being allowed to visit, including those inmates who have been discharged from their sentences.

Any visitor who becomes disruptive, allow their children to be disruptive, or does not follow visiting guidelines shall be asked to leave and the visit shall be terminated. The Deputy Warden of Security shall review the situation and shall determine a specific length of time for restricting the visitor.

Visitors whose presence or activities present a threat to the security or orderly operations of the institution or who do not promote the reintegrating of the inmate to the community shall be restricted for a specified amount of time, including those who:

  •  Attempt to introduce contraband or dangerous contraband such as alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons into the institution. Visitors and inmates shall be prosecuted if found to the in possession of dangerous contraband. The contraband shall be confiscated, and the visitor shall be detained for law enforcement authorities
  • Have a past record of disruptive conduct while visiting any correctional facility or were directly related to the inmates criminal behavior
  • May be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed or illegal drugs as exhibited by their inappropriate behavior or the odor of an intoxicating beverage
  • Refuse to submit to a search of their personal property or vehicle or fail to show proper identification
  • Are currently on parole or probation and do not have written permission to visit from both their probation and parole officer and the warden
  • Are dressed in an offensive manner of clothing that does not conform to good taste. The Shift Supervisor shall determine appropriate dress in accordance with WKCC 16-01-01
  • Present falsified identification or information
  • Visitors listed on the restricted visiting list for WKCC or any other correctional institution shall be denied visitation privileges at WKCC for the period of the time designated on the list
  • Visitors denied entry due to improper identification or for other reasons shall b advised of the reason in a polite, but firm manner and shall be directed to leave the institutional grounds.

Visitor's Dress Code

In keeping with the institution's policy of maintaining a healthy, relaxed visiting atmosphere, the adoption of reasonable standards of dress has been established.

  • A visitor shall dress in appropriate attire while at the institution. If the admitting officer determines that the visitor is not properly clothed in accordance with the dress code stated below, the visit may be denied. Proper dress shall be maintained throughout the visit.
  • Undergarments shall be worn. Female visitors shall wear a bra and underwear. Male visitors shall wear underwear.
  • Visitors shall not wear the following
    • Tank Tops
    • Cut-off T-Shirts
    • See-through clothing (Mesh, net or transparent)
    • Halter Tops
    • Leggings
    • Spandex pants
  • Appropriate attire shall include:
    • Dress (females only)
    • Skirt (females only)
    • Blue Jeans
    • Pants
    • Suit
    • Shirt
    • Shorts
  • Shorts and skirts shall not be higher than 6 inches above the knee. A dress or skirt, with any split, slit, zipper, or buttons thereon, shall not exceed 6 inches above the knee. 2 hair ties or 1 headband may be worn by a visitor.
  • Clothing shall cover the midriff, cleavage, and bosom. Shirts and blouses shall have sleeves and shall be buttoned.
  • Footwear shall be required at all times.
  • A visitor shall not wear clothing, a hat, insignia or emblem that reflects a gang or club that is not recognized by institutional policies.
  • Any minor age 12 or older shall comply with the adult dress code.

General Rules and Guidelines

Once each adult visitor enters the visiting area, they shall be required to register at the officer's station prior to visiting an inmate. As part of registration, a specific visiting table or area may be assigned to the inmate and visitor.

A visitor may be assigned a specific table and the inmate may be assigned a specific seat. An inmate shall not return or be permitted to return to a housing unit prior to the termination of a visit. The parent or guardian shall be responsible for the direct supervision and conduct of children who are with the visitor.

The inmate shall be responsible for the conduct of his visitor.

Each adult visitor shall be permitted to bring into the institution a maximum of $30 in denominations no larger than $1 bills only for use in the vending machines. Coins are allowed. An additional $5 for each minor shall be permitted for use in the vending machines. Absolutely no money shall be given to or handled by an inmate. An inmate and visitor shall be prohibited from exchanging anything other than an item purchased in the vending machines. Visitors and inmates shall converse using a reasonable voice level. Loud talking, arguing, loud laughing or yelling may result in termination of the visit. An inmate shall not be permitted to take any object obtained from visitors back to the living area.

Sports of any kind shall not be conducted in the visiting area.

If a visitor leaves the visiting area, they will not be permitted to re-enter the institution the same day.

Items allowed in Visiting Area

Excluding a coat or jacket as outlined in this policy, personal property items shall be limited to the following:

  • Wedding band (if married) - no other jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and body piercing jewelry, except for an approved medical alert bracelet or necklace.
  • Comb or brush
  • 1 handkerchief, white only
  • Identification Card
  • Vehicle keys
  • Prescription glasses

If required, prescription medications shall be left in the Control Center in the container the medication was prescribed in . Only the dosage required to be taken while at WKCC is allowed.

The parent or guardian of an infant or small child, in addition to the personal items listed above, shall be permitted the following:

  • Stroller or infant seat
  • Diaper bag including the following:
    • Clothing - 1 change per child
    • 6 diapers
    • Petroleum, 1 clear plastic container, only 9 (new and unopened)
    • Bottles, clear plastic
    • Formula to drink - unopened ready mixed or pre-mixed container opened in presence of visiting officials
    • 2 containers of baby food and plastic spoon.
    • Container - 1 clear plastic for excess formula, if necessary
    • Wipes - small package (new and unopened)
    • Baby blanket - 1
    • Pacifier
    • Teething ring