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Inmate Programs

Substance Abuse Programs

WKCC's Therapeutic Community is a six to nine month program. New clients start programming in the Orientation Phase. Orientation familiarizes the client with the program rules, expectations, and basic alcohol and drug education. There are four phases in the community. Phase One focuses on criminal thinking and thinking errors. Phase Two focuses on the twelve steps of recovery. Phase Three focuses on an in depth exploration of spirituality. Members in this phase will begin to understand the connection between values, ethics, and morals.

Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a systematic, cognitive-behavioral, step-by-step treatment strategy designed to enhance self-image; promote growth of a positive, productive identity; and facilitate the development of higher stages of moral reasoning. The program takes approximately six months to complete, but there is no set time frame to the program, as the inmate must complete each of the twelve steps before moving on to the next. Some of the early steps are done in a group setting, with the group deciding if the inmate has successfully completed each step. MRT is an evidence based program that has shown to significantly lower recidivism rates in offenders.


Lead Every Animal Safely Home (L.E.A.S.H.) is a canine rescue and obedience program. This program matches rescued dogs from the Mary Hall Ruddiman K-9 Shelter with inmates incarcerated at WKCC. L.E.A.S.H. is a voluntary program, which gives inmates the chance to learn how to train the dog assigned to them in basic obedience commands. Inmates also learn canine grooming and hygiene techniques. The inmate must share his living space with a dog and kennel. They are responsible for the dog's health and well-being for 90 days, when the animals will hopefully be adopted into a home.

Other Programs

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • New Directions
  • In 2 Work
  • Anger Management (MRT)
  • Parenting for Men (MRT)
  • Pathfinders
  • Malachi Dads
  • Bible College