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Visiting Information

Beginning the week of June 20, 2021, all DOC Adult Institutions will be operating with new visitation protocols.

To see the visitation guidelines across all prison, click here.
To see the updated visitation information for RCC, click here.

Dress Code

  • All visitors shall be required to wear underclothes unless medical documentation is submitted to this institution prior to arriving for the visit.
  • A visitor shall not wear khaki colored clothing or an orange shirt resembling an inmate uniform
  • Skin tight clothing or see-through clothing shall not be permitted.
  • Sleeveless or low cut tops shall not be permitted. Clothing or pants thei holes in them shall not be permitted.
  • A visitor shall no wear a halter top, hot pants, miniskirt, athletic or yoga shorts or pants, cutoffs, spandex clothing, leggings, tights, sweat suit, wrap around skirt, or wrap around dress.
  • Clothing shall completely cover the midriff, cleavage, bosom, armpits, and thighs.
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses shall be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee.
  • Shirts shall be long enough to be tucked into jeans, slacks or skirts.
  • Shoes shall be worn at all times. Shoes shall be closed toe. A visitor shall not wear sandals, clogs or flip flops.
  • A visitor shall not wear a hat or head covering except for religious headwear.
  • Bib pants, clothing, or belts with large metal attachments shall not be permitted.
  • Minors 12 years old and older shall comply with all dress code requirements listed in this policy. Children younger than 12 years old shall be dressed according to the needs of the child's age.
  • A visitor shall no bring a purse, wallet, or billfold into the institution.
  • A visitor shall only be allowed to bring the door key and ignition key to his vehicle into the visiting room.
  • Each visitor may wear only one (1) wedding ring, one (1) necklace with or without medallion, and one (1) pair of earrings. This shall be the only jewelry allowed in the visiting area.
  • Games, pictures, letters, books, magazines, newspapers, or other reading material shall not be permitted in the visiting room.
  • Food or drink shall not be brought into the visiting room.
  • Smoking shall not be permitted in the visiting room. Tobacco products, matches, or lighters shall not be brought into the institution.
  • The total amount of money allowed per group for a visit shall not exceed forty dollars ($40) for use in available vending machines. A bill shall not be larger than five dollars ($5). All vending items purchased shall be consumed in the visiting area.
  • A minor shall not bring in or handle money in the visiting area.
  • If a visitor is accompanied by a small child, the visitor may bring a maximum of two (2) clear plastic baby bottles, one (1) pacifier, one (1) baby blanket, three (3) disposable diapers, and a small amount of baby wipes. Baby items shall be in a clear bag. Toys shall not be permitted.
  • Any visitor requesting to bring medication into the visiting area shall obtain permission from the Shift Supervisor on duty. Only the amount necessary for use during the visit shall be allowed if authorized.
  • A visitor shall not give an inmate any item. Also, an inmate shall not give a visitor any item.
  • A visitor shall not bring a cell phone, pager, drugs, alcohol, ammunition, weapons, destructive devices, cameras, recording equipment, or any item considered contraband into the institution.