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Roederer Correctional Complex

About Roederer Correctional Complex


Roederer Correctional Complex has 3 distinct purposes:

  1. The Assessment and Classification Center processes all incoming male felons with the exception of those sentenced to death row. In excess of 7,000 are process by this institution per year. The assessment Center is also responsible for all sentence calculations of felons in Controlled Intake (currently 1,600) and for classifying felons for the Class D Program (approximately 4,000 per year).
  2. Roederer Correctional Complex permanent inmates provide support services for the institution including 100 inmates who work in the Maintenance Department, Kitchen, Laundry, Legal Office, Grievance Office, etc. 72 minimum custody inmates maintain the 3,000 acre farm. The permanent inmate population at this institution totals 172 at full capacity.
  3. The Substance Abuse Treatment Program is a 200-bed intensive in-patient treatment unit. Treatment is provided to a mixed population of incarcerated felons and offenders on parole supervision. Treatment is facilitated through inmate elders (former program graduates), treatment staff, security staff, community mentors and volunteers. Clients are prepared for transition into the community.


Roederer Correctional Complex
P.O. Box 69
LaGrange, Kentucky 40031
(Oldham County)
Warden: Ravonne Sims
Secretary: Patti M. Ray
Phone: (502) 222-0170/222-0173
Fax: (502) 225-0084

Institutional Information

​Security Status​Medium/Minimum
​Date Opened​1976
​Total Acreage​3,000
​Total Staff​254
​Black Inmates​35%
​White Inmates​65%
Annual Cost Per Inmate​$20,047.95
​Daily Cost Per Inmate​$54.93
​Annual Operating Budget​$15.2 Million


Accredited by the American Correctional Association