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Luther Luckett Correctional Complex


The Mission of the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex, in accordance with the Department of Corrections is twofold: 1. To promote public safety, secure incarceration from the community; and, 2. To give felons the opportunities for the capability to contribute positively to society upon release through use of constructive classification, programs, and work assignment.

The Luther Luckett Correctional Complex was the first security institution to be built in Kentucky since the Kentucky State Reformatory in 1937. This complex was built in direct response to a Federal Consent Decree involving the Kentucky Department of Corrections.  The complex was named in honor of Mr. Luther Luckett, an employee of the Department of Corrections for some 22 years. It stands as a tribute to him and exemplifies his dedication and commitment to duty and excellence in  correctional management.

The Facility is unique in that it actually houses two separate institutions.  Luther Luckett Correctional Complex operated by the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet and The Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center operated by the Health and Family Services Cabinet. The two facilities share a number of resources and operate under a written shared services agreement.

The first inmates were received at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in March 1981.  Although the institution was originally designed to house 486, with double bunking in 1990, the operational capacity was raised to 995. To ease population constraints in county jails and detention facilities, day beds have been added to all general population and meritorious living units.  LLCC's current institutional capacity is 1200.

The physical plant consists of five living units, an 88-bed restrictive housing unit, a 13-bed medical annex unit, numerous support buildings including academic and vocational schools and indoor recreation areas.  The living units are broken down into two different categories: general population and meritorious housing.  Perimeter security consists of 14-foot high fencing with electronic sensors topped by razor wire, monitored by 4 security towers supplemented by a mobile perimeter patrol.


Luther Luckett Correctional Complex
1612 Dawkins Road
P.O. ​Box 6
LaGrange, Kentucky 40031
(Oldham County)
Warden: Amy Robey
Secretary: Amy Ganschow​
ADA Coordinator: Sherri Grissinger
Phone: (502) 222-0363
              (502) 222-0365
Fax:      (502) 222-8112

Institutional Information

​Security Status​Medium/Maximum
​Date Opened​1981
​Total Acreage​33
​Total Staff
​Black Inmates​2%
​White Inmates​73%
​Other Inmates
​Annual Cost Per Inmate​$23,644.70
​Daily Cost Per Inmate​$64.75
​Annual Operating Budget​$21​ Million


Accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA)