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Visiting Information

​To schedule an appointment to visit, please email​.​

Visitation Request Form

KSR Visiting Information and Requirements
  • Visiting is by appointment only and you will be assigned a time for your visit. The visit will be 1 hour in duration and an inmate may only receive 1 visit per visitation week. If you qualify for an extended visit, the visit will be 2 hours in duration and an inmate may only receive 1 extended visit per month. You must be on the inmate’s approved visitation list. If all appointments are booked, priority will be given to visitors who have not received a visit that month.
  • Only four (4) visitors are allowed per visit.
  • To establish a fair visiting schedule, visitation shall be scheduled for each inmate by appointment and shall be arranged by the last number of the inmate’s ID. The visitation calendar will rotate one week for odd numbers, the next week even numbers. It is your responsibility to ensure that you check the attached visitation calendar to ensure it is your visitation week.
  • You will be permitted to enter the institution no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. It is recommended that you arrive 30 minutes prior to ensure you clear through all security processes and can enjoy your full visit.

Regular visitation rules on the KSR visiting website apply regarding Dress Code & Behavior Guidelines for Visitors and Dangerous Contraband.

Rules for Visitor Dress:

  1. ​​​Any visitor, child or adult, shall not be admitted if barefooted.
  2. Clothing which does not completely cover the midriff, cleavage, or chest shall not be permitted.
  3. Halter tops, hot pants, short skirts, miniskirts, and wrap-around skirts shall not be permitted.
  4. Dresses and skirts shall be allowed to have a two (2) inch split in the back ​only and the skirt or dress shall be no shorter than knee length.
  5. Sleeveless shirts shall not be permitted.
  6. Shirts with offensive language, depictions (image or written) of drugs, alcohol, or weapons shall not be permitted.
  7. Bare skin shall not be showing through holes in clothing.
  8. A visitor shall wear underclothes.
  9. See through clothing of any type shall not be worn.
  10. A visitor shall not wear form fitting clothes (i.e., tight fitting pants, fishnet clothing, spandex clothing, clothing with holes cut out, leggings, or jeggings).
  11. Gloves and hats, with the exception of religious headwear, shall not be permitted.
  12. Visitors shall wear shoes with a closed toe and heel that are fully enclosed on all sides. Neither flip flops nor sandals shall be permitted.
  13. If a visit is denied due to the visitor being inappropriately dressed, the visitor may leave and change clothing.
  14. If on a scheduled visit the visitor's visit time shall not be extended​

The following are the only permitted items:
  1. Jewelry shall be limited to one (1) wedding ring, one (1) religious medallion and medical alert jewelry.
  2. Forty dollars ($40.00) or less in currency, nothing larger than a five-dollar ($5.00) bill;
  3. A small , clear change purse or clear plastic​ baggie;
  4. Two (2) car keys (One (1) ignition key and one (1) door key) or a remote locking-unlocking device;
  5. Diapers, limit of three (3), and baby bottle, (plastic only and limit of two (2));
  6. Picture identification card;
  7. Umbrella or weather gear for inclement weather; and
  8. Any necessary medication shall be in an authorized container and contain only the amount necessary for the length of the visit

​*Any violation of these procedures may result in your visit being denied or your visit ended. *

Visitation Schedule:

Visitation times will be  on Wednesdays.

Visitors shall be allowed to enter the institution beginning at 8:00 a.m. until 11:15 a.m. We will resume
visitation upon clearance of the noon count and visitors will continue to be admitted until 2:20 p.m.  All visits shall be concluded by 3:00 p.m., all visitors shall be off institutional grounds.

The visit will be one hour in duration. You will be permitted to enter the institution no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. It is recommended that you arrive 30 minutes prior to ensure you clear through all security processes and to enjoy your full one-hour visit.

To view the 2024 KSR visitation calendar, click here​.