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Inmate Programs

Academic School

The school is an adult basic education program designed for the inmate student encompassing literacy through a general equivalency diploma. It is offered to General Population and Protective Custody Inmates, with an average total enrollment of 60 inmates.

Night School

An after hours education program designed to allow inmates with daytime work assignments the opportunity to attend school and work toward a general equivalency diploma. Approximately 15 General Population Inmates attend this class.

Adult Technical Education

Post secondary vocational education is available in three areas:  Carpentry, Auto Body, and a Masonry Program.  Theses programs are available to General Population inmates.

Pre-Release Program

This 16 hour program is offered to inmates who are nearing expiration of their sentence or parole eligibility date.  It includes components regarding parole issues, public assistance, parenting, employment, and self-development. It is designed to provide skills to successfully reintegrate inmates into society and help them seek employment and assistance.

Sex Offender Treatment Program

A Kentucky Department of Corrections Program presented by the Division of Mental Health.  The program is designed to provide mandated treatment to eligible sex offenders through a series courses which focus on inmates taking and maintaining personal responsibility through obtaining a thorough understanding of past sexually abusive behavior and development of a prevention plan to avoid relapses.

Drug and Alcohol Education Program

This program is presented by the trained mental health staff and provides a pre-treatment orientation to recovery from dependency of all types.  The training program presented is titled “Life Without a Crutch”.

Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT)

MRT is a cognitive-behavioral, group centered program.  It involves the development and maturation of the moral decision making process.  The program is designed to raise the level of the participant’s moral choices to an appropriate age level for a normal adult.  The program is open-ended (progresses at his own pace) usually taking four (4) to six (6) months to complete.  The program is available to General Population inmates and inmates assigned to the outside detail.  Inmates participate on a voluntary basis.

Individual Counseling

Available through the Division of Mental Health Psychologist assigned to the Kentucky State Penitentiary.

Inmate Self-Help Organizations

AA/NA, NAACP, and Protective Custody Substance Abuse Club.

Inmate Work Programs 

KSP offers ample opportunity for inmates to obtain employment in a wide variety of areas. Kentucky Correctional Industries operates a Garment Plant and a Bag Plant operation. Food service, landscaping, legal aide, janitorial and a numerous other areas offer employment opportunities.