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Blackburn Correctional Complex


The primary emphasis is on security and control. The main program is to assist inmates in progressing to a community service center and/or return to the community as citizens after positive behavior, program participation and work performance has been demonstrated. Accountability for voluntary program opportunities includes academic and vocational education, substance abuse programs, recreation and club activities, religious and counselling programs.

About BCC

Blackburn Correctional Complex serves as the Division of Adult Institutions' largest adult male minimum-security institution providing care, housing, custody, control, and governmental services jobs to inmates. This facility is located near Lexington, Kentucky.

3111 Spurr Road
Lexington, KY 40511
(Fayette County)
Warden: Abigail R. Caudill
Warden's Secretary: Sharon K. Johnson​
ADA Coordinator: Kathryn Aquadro
Phone: (859) 246-2366
Warden's Fax: (859) 246-2376
Fax (Records): (859) 246-2585​

Institutional Information

​Security Status​Minimum
​Date Opened​1972
​Total Acreage​456
​Total Staff​147
​Black Inmates​33%
​White Inmates​67%
​Annual Cost Per Inmate​$21,715.28
​Daily Cost Per Inmate​$59.49
​Annual Operating Budget​$8 Million

Accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA)