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Visiting Information

To maintain close family and community relationships and to aid the inmate in his re-integration into society, there shall be a need for a formal visitation procedure. It shall be the policy of the Blackburn Correctional Complex to ensure that every inmate, regardless of his status, has the opportunity to receive visits in a surrounding permitting informal communication, including an opportunity for physical contact. Devices that preclude physical contact shall not be used except in instances of substantiated security risk.

Visiting Hours: General Population

  • Visits shall be conducted on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Each visitor shall be allowed to enter the institution beginning at 9:00 a.m. Visitors shall continue to be admitted into the institution until 2:00 p.m. All visits shall be concluded by 2:45 p.m. By 3:00 p.m., all visitors shall be off institutional grounds.

Entry and Identification of Visitors - Refer to CPP 166.1 and the following:

  • A visitor shall stop at Post One and show state issued identification. The officer shall direct the visitor to the Visiting Parking Area after matching the identification to the visitor. Each visitor shall sign in with the Visiting Officer located at the Visitation Building. If a visitor is not allowed ton the complex for any reason, a written report shall be forwarded to the Warden for review.
  • Visitors shall park in the designated visitor's parking lot. Upon exiting the vehicle, it shall be securely locked with all windows rolled up. All items in the back of pick-up trucks shall be secured. Visitors shall enter the visiting area from the front entrance of the Visitation Building. Once a visitor enters the visiting are from the front entrance of the Visitation Building. Once a visitor enters the visiting area, he shall not be allowed to return to his vehicle except to leave the Complex, unless authorized by Visitation Supervisor.
  • A visitor who brings in any unauthorized items shall be required to return those items to the vehicles at the direction of the Visiting Staff. Any unauthorized items found that might lead to misdemeanor felony charges shall result in the Kentucky State Police being contacted immediately.
  • Once a visitor leaves the complex, he shall not be allowed to return to the complex until the next scheduled visiting day unless he or she has left the Complex to change into appropriate attire and has returned. The visitor shall follow all entry procedures upon return.
  • Due to space limitation of the visiting area, an inmate may not be permitted more that three (3) approved adult visitors per visiting period.. The inmate shall inform any potential visitor of the limit to the umber of visitors allowed. If more than three (3) adult visitors are expected by the inmate, he may request permission in writing to the Warden seven (7) days prior to the visit for this to be allowed.
  • The BCC staff shall be committed to a positive visiting program and shall attempt  to allow the maximum number of visits possible within sound operational security practices, to include:
  • An inmates shall be allowed an opportunity to visit a minimum of eight (8) hours per month.
  • The length of each visit shall be minimum of two (2) hours depended upon the space and resources available. If the visiting area is filled to capacity, the visit may be terminated on a first in, first out basis to allow a maximum number of visits.
  • A visit may be terminated due to any emergency situation as determined by the Shift Supervisor.
  • The Post One Officer shall ask each visitor if he/she has any medication or weapon in their possession.
    • Contraband (non-dangerous). Refer to CPP 9.6 for information on non-dangerous contraband.
    • The Post One Officer shall inform any person in need of a prescription drug that they may only have the exact dosage amount needed for that day. The prescription shall be in the original container.
    • Contraband (dangerous): Refer to CPP 9.6 for information on dangerous contraband.
    • Briefcases or containers of attorney, ministers, public officials, and other professionals shall be inspected pursuant to CPP 9.8.
    • A visitor's car and person shall be subject to search in accordance with CPPs 9.6, 9.8 and 16.1.
  • Processed visitors shall be assigned and directed to their table by the Visiting Officer. The Visiting Officer shall then notify the appropriate dorm officer to have the inmate sent to the visiting area and document the notification in the Security Log.
  • Visiting Officers shall have the authority to determine seating arrangements.
  • Pets shall not be allowed on the complex. Excluded Visitors - See CPP 16.1.

Visitor Dress Code

  • A visitor shall be dressed properly, including wearing undergarments, appropriate to the age and sex of the visitor. A female visitor shall wear a bra.
  • A visitor shall wear shoes; open toe shoes shall not be permitted.
  • A skirt or dress shall not be less that two (2) inches above the knee, including any slit.
  • Shorts shall not be less that two (2) inches above the knee.
  • A shirt or blouse shall have sleeves
  • A coat may be worn into the visitation building but shall be searched and then hung in the designated area for visitor coats.

The following clothing shall be prohibited:

  • Clothing with rips or holes.
  • Clothing which does not completely cover the midriff, cleavage, or chest.
  • Leggings, unless worn under a dress or skirt that extends not less than two (2) inches above the knee.
  • Tank top, halter top, muscle shirt, or see through clothing.
  • A head covering of any kind, including headband, excluding religious head covering.
  • Bib overalls.
  • The Shift Supervisor shall review and observe any questionable attire and make a determination if the visit is to be allowed or terminated. The visitor may visit the next visiting day if attire complies with policy.
  • Special or Extended Visits are outlined and explained in CPP 16.1

 Entry of Inmates

  • The inmates shall enter the visiting area through the rear entrance of the Visitation Building. He shall be allowed to carry his institutional ID, locker key, and wedding band only to the visiting area.
  • The inmate shall be required to register at the visiting Desk and leave his ID. He shall be frisk searched upon entering and strip searched after the visit.
  • During count time an inmate shall proceed to the designated area for count by the Visiting Officer.
  • The inmate shall be fully dressed in his inmate uniform.
  • At the conclusion of a visit, the inmate shall remain at his assigned table until the Visiting Officer directs him to go to the visiting desk, collect his ID from the Officer, and proceed to the back of the Visitation Building. The Officer shall then strip search the inmate.

The Visit - Refer to CPP 16.1 for detailed description. The following rules shall apply:

  • A visitor shall not be allowed to leave any personal belongings, money, or packages for the inmate unless approved by the Warden.
  • Trash shall be placed in the proper container. Each inmate in the visiting area shall clean the immediate area after his visit.
  • A visitor shall not have more than fifteen (15) dollars in change for vending machines. All change shall be in a clear container only.
  • A purse, wallet, or handbag shall not be allowed in the visiting area. A key ring with no more than two (2) keys shall be allowed.
  • A visitor shall not bring any type of food or drink into the visiting area.
  • Two (2) premixed bottles, three (3) diapers, and a small amount of baby wipes may be brought in a clear bag for an infant or small child.
  • The visitor shall supervise children brought at all times. Minor children or minor stepchildren may be held by the inmate in an appropriate manner during the visit. All other children shall be seated or held by the visiting parent or guardian.
  • The Shift Supervisor shall have the authority to deny or terminate a visit. If a visit is denied or terminated for any reason, the Shift Supervisor shall prepare a written report to the Warden explaining in detail the reason for denial or termination. If a visit is terminated for unruly behavior, inappropriate conduct, or illegal or possible illegal activity, the visitor shall be informed that he or she shall not be allowed reentry to visit without written permission from the Warden.
  • In case of a fire alarm, all visitors shall report to the visitors parking lot. All inmates shall report to the ball field behind the gym. When all clear is given, visitors shall return to the visiting area and inmates shall remain in assembled area until released to return to the visiting area. Both visitors and inmates shall be searched prior to reentry.
  • A copy of the BCC Visiting Rules shall be at the Visiting Desk.

General Information

  • A visitor shall keep his address up-to-date with the institution. If the visitor's ID address does not match the address listed in the Kentucky Offender Management System (KOMS), a visit may be denied. The visitor shall contact the Classification and Treatment Officer (CTO) of the inmate he visits and have it changed.
  • Any restricted areas shall be posted and strictly enforced.
  • An inmate shall not be allowed to enter the parking lot or a visitor's vehicle for any reason.
  • A visitor shall not visit more than one (1) inmate unless authorized by the Warden seven (7) days prior to the visit.
  • If a staff member observes an infraction of the rules by an inmate he shall immediately terminate the visit, complete the appropriate documentation, and notify the Shift Supervisor.
  • An inmate shall not receive more than one (1) visit period per day.
  • Except for the items he brought, an inmate shall not leave the visiting area with property in his possession.
  • An inmate shall no be in the visiting area unless he has a visitor or has been granted special permission by the Warden or his designee.
  • A Correctional Officer in the visiting area shall have total responsibility for supervision of visiting and shall enforce visiting rules. The officer shall inform the inmate or visitor of any breach of the rules. If the inmate or visitor ignores the instruction of an officer, the visit shall be terminated. Instructions may include:
    • Refraining from making loud noise, making an obscene or sexual gesture or contact, disrupting the visits of others, and other unacceptable behavior;
    • The necessity of bringing adequate identification on a subsequent visit;
    • Unacceptable attire.
  • A visit shall be terminated in an emergency situation at the institution and all visitors shall leave the Complex.
  • The Visiting Officers shall not accept any article or gift of any kind from the inmate or the visitor.
  • All inmates shall receive written information regarding visiting procedures as they are processed through Receiving and Discharge upon arrival at the institution.
  • An inmate and his visitor's shall not converse with another inmate during visitation or another inmate's visitor.
  • A visitor shall remain in his seat and shall not leave and reenter the visiting area except to:
    • Use the restroom facilities.
    • Use vending machines.
    • Visit activity center.

Club Activities during Visiting Hours

  • Inmate club activities during visiting hours shall  require approval of the Warden. Club sponsors shall submit in writing the names of inmates who may participate in club activities during visiting hours to the Deputy Warden of Security, who shall in turn notify the Security Office.

Suspending Visitor from Inmate Visitation List

  • The Warden may suspend a visitor from coming to the institution for a period of six (6) months. At the end of the six-month period, the visitor may request from the Warden reinstatement to visit an inmate within the institution. The Warden shall review the request and make a decision whether to reinstate the individual's visitation rights or suspend for another period of time not to exceed six (6) months. At the end of the six-month period, upon written request from the visitor, the Warden shall review the request to reinstate visitation and respond to it.

Non-Contact/Restricted Visits

  • An inmate placed on non-contact visitation restrictions shall be required to receive all visits in the non-contact visiting area for the time period indicated.
  • All non-contact visits shall be scheduled by appointments made seven (7) days in advance of the visit.
  • All non-contact visits shall be limited to two (2) visitors at a time.
  • All non-contact visits shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) designated visitors on the approved inmate visitation list and visits shall not exceed one (1) hour in length and one (1) visits per week.
  • An inmate assigned to non-contact visitation restrictions shall be responsible for notifying the visitors on his approved visitation list that he is on restriction and advise them of the rules pertaining to non-contact visitation. The inmate shall write the Warden or Designee upon expiration of restriction date for consideration for reinstatement to regular visitation.
  • An inmate receiving disciplinary action in accordance with CPP 15.2 for the following rule violations shall not have visiting privileges reinstated:
    • Smuggling or attempting to smuggle dangerous contraband into the institution;
    • Planning an escape or attempted escape.
  • Visit restrictions placed on an inmate at a previous institution shall be enforced upon the inmate's arrival to BCC.

Outside Visiting Area

  • If weather permits, the Visiting Supervisor may allow outside visiting for an inmate.
  • If inclement weather occurs during a visit, an outside visit shall end. The Visiting Supervisor shall make the final determination regarding use of the outside visiting area.
  • If it is necessary to close the outside visiting area, a visit may continue in the Visiting Room, if adequate space is available.
  • If the officer or employee sees that a few tables are vacant in the Visiting Room, those tables shall be filled prior to any terminations. A visit shall end on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • An inmate shall not have the option of remaining on an outside visit during inclement weather.
  • A visitor, an inmate, or a child shall not hang, lean or climb on the fence around the outside visiting area.
  • An inmate or visitor shall not sit, stand, or lie on the picnic tables. A bench shall not be straddled.
  • An inmate visitor shall not communicate with another inmate on the yard.
  • Inappropriate physical contact in the visiting area shall be grounds for termination of the visit.
  • One (1) table move may take place during the entire visit, space permitting.