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House Bill 284 went in to effect July 15, 2020.  This new law amended KRS 439.268 and allows the Department of Corrections to offer clients that are currently under the supervision of Probation and Parole (P&P) Program Good Time Credit (PGTC) for programs completed on or after August 1, 2020. 

Sources that are interested in becoming a DOC approved substance use disorder treatment program provider can find additional information for the application process from Addiction Services of KentuckyApproved  providers will receive referrals from DOC and have their program listed on DOC's website as an approved provider.

The Department is unable to approve any substance abuse treatment programs that require religious participation or that meet the definition of a religious program since good time credit cannot be awarded for such programs. In order for a program to qualify for good time credit the program must have a secular purpose, be one that neither advances nor inhibits religion, and must not foster an excessive government entanglement with religion.

Supporting a successful transition to the community and maintaining stability within the offender population is central to the mission of the Kentucky Department of Corrections. The Department protects public safety by ensuring that offenders receive educational courses, programming, and reentry services to support their successful return to the community. Programs are standardized across the Department, implemented with dedicated resources, and regularly reviewed for quality assurance.  

This practical guide was prepared to highlight the Department's programs. Each program summary in this directory contains key information: a program description, timeframe, admission criteria, program content, applicable policies and locations. 

The Department maintains a catalogue of evidence-based, life skills, promising practice, and substance abuse programs to address a wide range of reentry, supervision, and incarceration needs. Program offerings vary based on available resources and the needs of the offender population. The Department of Corrections maintains a list of the programs that are currently available.

KRS 197.045 - Credit on sentence for prior confinement, educational accomplishment, good behavior, or meritorious service

Applicable Corrections Policies and Procedures
See CPP 10.2 Special Management Housing and Restrictive Housing

See CPP 18.1  Classification of the Inmate and
CPP 18.2  Central Office Classification Committee
Chapter 30 - Inmates and Offender Programs​​​


Correctional Leaders Association talk about programming.

Chapter Three: CLA Leadership