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Victim Services

Vine Definitions

​VINE Notification Descriptions and Definitions

DOC Advanced Release - The offender is approaching the end of the court's sentence and is schedules to be released within fourteen days.

DOC Escape - The offender has escaped.

DOC Home Incarceration - This offender has been placed on electronic monitoring. This offender will not be under constant correctional supervision

DOC Parole Eligibility - The offender will meet the Parole Board within the next 120 days.​

DOC Parole Notification - The offender has been released on parole.

DOC Release by Court Order - The offender was granted a release by a court order.

DOC Return to Custody - The offender has been apprehended and returned to custody.

DOC Sex Offender Post Incarceration Supervision - This offender was released by sex offender conditional discharge. A sex offender conditional discharge is any person convicted under KRS 532.043(1).

DOC Shock Probation - The offender was released on shock probation. This is an order to release the offender per the court in the county of conviction

VINE Protective Order (VPO) Notification Types

Attempt to Purchase Firearms - Currently only used in DVO cases, KR​S 237.095.

Change in Hearing (Time, date, location) - VPO will call to tell you there has been a scheduling change in the upcoming hearing.

Expiration of Permanent Order - 30 days prior to expiration of order a call will remind you that the DVO will expire.

Hearing Reminder - will remind petitioner about the upcoming hearing date.

Non-Service of order - this message will tell you the order has not been served and you should contact your victim advocate or county sheriff.

Service of temporary/Emergency Protective Order - message will let petitioners know that the order has bee served and is now in full effect.

           Be sure to keep your personal information updated with VINE and VSB to receive notifications.