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Family Engagement Q&A

​What is a Family Engagement Q&A?

The Department of Corrections has developed "Family Engagement Q&A's" to educate families about the corrections system. The session will be facilitated by DOC staff, and will also involve local agencies involved in providing services in the community. It is designed to answer the basic questions a family member may have about the process of incarceration, release and supervision after release.

What is the purpose of the family engagement session?

The purpose is to provide basic information about the corrections system, where offenders are housed and what programs are available for them.

How long will it last?

The Q&A will last no longer than one hour and will cover information needed for those that have a love one incarcerated and those individuals nearing release. It will also allow families and loved ones to ask questions. It will allow families and loved ones to ask questions of DOC staff and resources.

Why is it important to attend?

If you need assistance or more information about incarceration, the Department of Corrections representatives will be available to answer questions and discuss how to prepare for the offender's release.


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