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To protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.


Current Job Opportunities

Merit Positions 4/11/2014 [PDF, 80KB]

Full-time Merit Positions for Correctional Officers are available on Personnel's website and are for immediate fill positions.

County listing for institutions

To apply for a position with the Department of Corrections, please visit http://www.personnel.ky.gov/employment/. For questions regarding Applications, Counseling, Testing, or Registers, please call Personnel Cabinet, (502) 564-8030.

Division of Mental Health - Pre-doctoral Internship 

Pre-doctoral Internship Posting [PDF, 93KB]

DOC Job Classifications


Corrections Group (Code 2200)
Probation & Parole Group (Code 6301)
Link to Salary Schedule

For more employment information, go to http://personnel.ky.gov/employment/.

Title CodeClass TitlePay Grade
2201Correctional Officer09
2202Correctional Sergeant10
2203Correctional Lieutenant11
2205Correctional Captain I12
2207Correctional Captain II13
2208Correctional Officer Recruit08
2210Correctional Farm Operations Technical Advisor11
2211Correctional Farm Manager I13
2212Correctional Farm Manager II13
2213Correctional Farm Crew Leader09
2221Correctional Industries Sales Representative10
2223Correctional Industries Supervisor12
2224Correctional Industries Operations Supervisor12
2225Correctional Industries Operations Manager15
2230Offender Records Specialist09
2231Offender Records Supervisor11
2233Offender Records Administrator14
2236Corrections Recreation Leader11
2238Corrections Recreation Program Supervisor14
2241Classification and Treatment Officer I11
2243Classification and Treatment Officer II12
2245Classification and Treatment Supervisor14
2247Corrections Program Administrator15
2255Jail Services Specialist14
2256Jail Consultant15
2258Corrections Unit Administrator I13
2260Corrections Unit Administrator II14
2262Deputy Warden II16
2263Deputy Warden III17
6301Probation and Parole Officer I12
6302Probation and Parole Officer II13
6303Probation and Parole Officer IV14
6304Probation and Parole Officer III13
6305Probation and Parole District Supervisor15