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Luther Luckett Correctional Complex


Visiting Guidelines

Each inmate is eligible to receive 2 visits per month.

Visiting days and hours for inmates are on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Visiting is by appointment only and you will be assigned a time for your visit.

The visit will be 1 hour in duration. If over 150 miles away, you may request an extended visit.

Visits are no contact visits.

You must be on the inmate's approved visitation list.

Two adult visitors and two children or grandchildren of the inmate are allowed per visit.  This includes step-children or step-grandchildren.

Children of the inmate are allowed to visit providing they can wear a mask during the visit.

Visitors are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination.

To schedule a visit, please submit Visitation Appointment Request (Linked below) to . You will receive an email confirming the day and time of your visit no later than 48 hours before your visitation day.

Visitation Appointment Request Form

If you have questions, please contact 502-222-0363 ext.4513 or 4501.

In order to establish a fair visiting schedule, visitation shall be scheduled for each inmate by appointment only and shall be arranged by the last number of the inmate's ID. The visitation calendar will rotate one day for odd numbers, the next day even numbers.  It is your responsibility to check the visitation calendar to ensure it is your visitation day.

2022 Visitation- Calendar

You will be permitted to enter the institution no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your appointment time.  It is recommended that you arrive 30 minutes prior to ensure you clear through all security processes and can enjoy your full 1-hour visit.

All visitors will have their temperature taken, Covid screening questions asked and will be required to sanitize their shoes and hands prior to entering the Visitation building.  Failure to follow the screening procedures will result in denial of your visit.

You must maintain social distancing in the visiting room space from other visitors (6 feet).

Absolutely no physical contact shall be permitted between the visitor and inmate at any time.

No food, access to vending machines or microwave use shall be permitted during the visit.  There will be no accessibility to drinking water.  Do not bring any currency to your visit.

Mask must be worn at all times by the inmates, visitors and staff. You are responsible for providing your own mask.

The visitor shall wait in the waiting area until the inmate they wish to visit is called and has arrived in the visiting room. If a visitor violates institutional rules, he or she may be asked to leave the grounds, and in extreme cases restricted from future visits.

Inmates who are housed in the Restrictive Housing Unit and/or have had their visiting privileges restricted for other reasons are permitted non-contact visits only. Visitations to inmates with non-contact visiting are by appointment only.  The visit must be scheduled one week in advance. It is the inmate's responsibility to schedule these visits.

No alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons shall be permitted on institutional property. Prescription medication is permitted if it is in the original prescription container and can be left in the visitor's vehicle while visiting. A visitor found in possession of contraband as listed above shall be subject to felony prosecution and may be banned from future visits. Searches of vehicles and individuals are conducted at the discretion of the institution.

The institution has a regularly scheduled noon count.  During this time all inmate movement must stop so that we can account for all inmates assigned to this institution.  Your cooperation is necessary during this time.


Visits may include two adults and two of the inmate's children  

  • All visitors, age 18 and older shall be required to have proper picture identification
  • All visitors must be on the inmates approved visiting list.
  • All visitors shall be subject to search.
  • Nothing may be received or sent out through visiting.
  • A visitor may bring in only the items listed below:
    • 1 picture Identification
    • Car keys (without keychain or electronic door devices)
    • 1 pair prescription eyeglasses
    • 1 coat
    • Jewelry visitor is wearing
    • Necessary medication that shall be in an authorized container
​Luther Luckett Correctional Complex is proud to be a Tobacco Free Environment
All tobacco products and their use are strictly prohibited on our property. Leave all tobacco, matches, lighters, and e-cigarettes in your vehicle, tobacco is considered contraband.

As a visitor, you are expected to become familiar with the visiting rules and regulations of this institution. The rules and regulations are outlined in the available pamphlet and will periodically be explained to you by staff. You are to follow the rules and regulations of this institution and to cooperate with staff at all times.

Any violation of the visiting rules and regulations may result in the termination, suspension, or loss of your visiting privileges.

In accordance with Kentucky Revised Statute 520.010 the introduction of dangerous contraband into a Correctional Institution is a felony offense. Anyone who knowingly introduces dangerous contraband into the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Our staff are trained and instructed to detect dangerous contraband. You are expected to cooperate fully to prevent the introduction of dangerous contraband. Please follow the officer's instructions.  Please be aware that pursuant to KRS 520.010; KRS 520.050; and KRS 520.060, anyone entering the grounds of a correctional institution may be subject to a personal search or a search of their vehicle. Anyone found in possession of contraband will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Visitors Dress Policy
  • No low cut or provocative clothing (tank tops, halter tops, see-through clothing, sleeveless garments, Spandex, etc.)
  • No clothing that fails to completely cover the midriff and bosom.
  • Shorts or skirts shall be no higher than 2 inches above the knee cap.
  • Jeggings and/or leggings are not permitted.
  • Undergarment must be worn.
  • No head apparel unless it is religious in nature.
  • No clothing with inflammatory emblems, graphics, slogans, no rips or holes.
  • No open toe shoes, sandals, or flip flops.
  • Each visitor may wear only one (1) wedding ring and one (1) necklace with or without medallion. This is the only jewelry allowed in the visiting area.
  • ​Please remember that the Visitation Supervisor will make the final determination regarding dress code.

For security purposes, jackets and coats shall not be permitted in the visiting area. These garments can be stored in the following ways: visitors may leave them in their vehicles or hang them on wall pegs in the mall area.

Visitors Assistance Service

Below is a list of numbers to assist you if you are in need of assistance with your automobile.


AAA – 423-8222



Doug's Auto Repair – 222-1703

Eldridges LaGrange Service Center – 222-1673


TARC – Please click here for a link to TARC's Web Page

Lock Out Services

LaGrange Lock & Key – 222-1955

Pop A Lock – East – 895-6736