Victim Services


To protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

 VINE Notification Descriptions and Definitions

Picture of filesDOC Advanced Release  – The offender is approaching the end of the court’s sentence and is scheduled to be released within fourteen days.
DOC Parole Eligibility – The offender will meet with the Parole Board within the next 90 days.
DOC Escape – The offender has escaped.
DOC Return to Custody – The offender has been apprehended and returned to custody.
DOC Cancel Furlough - The furlough for this offender has been cancelled.
DOC (Advanced) Furlough – The offender is scheduled to begin a furlough.
DOC Home Incarceration – This offender has been placed on electronic monitoring.  This offender will not be under constant correctional supervision.
DOC Sex Offender Conditional Discharge – This offender was released by sex offender conditional discharge.  A sex offender conditional discharge is any person convicted under KRS 532.043(1).
DOC Shock Probation – The offender was released on shock probation.  This is an order to release the offender by the court in the county of conviction.
DOC Release by Court Order – The offender was granted a release by a court order.
DOC Parole Notification - The offender has been paroled.
Notification Messages – County Facilities (Jails)
General Release – The offender has been released from custody.
Escape – The offender has escaped.
Return from Escape (Re-Arrest) – The offender was apprehended and returned to custody.
Transfer (Known Facility) – The offender was transferred from county facility to another facility or the Department of Corrections.   As a result, you will need to re-register with VINE.
Unsupervised Custody (WORK RELEASE) – The offender has been released from physical custody and has entered a work release program.
Unsupervised Custody (HOME INCARCERATION) – The offender has been placed in a home detention program ordered by the county of conviction and will not be under constant correctional supervision.
Unsupervised Custody (FURLOUGH) – This offender was released on a furlough.
Out of Custody Notification (ABSCOND) – The offender has absconded.
Parole is the supervised release of convicted offenders prior to the full completion of their original prison term.
Absconder means an offender who, while on probation or parole, conceals his/her location from the attending probation or parole officer.
Furlough means an authorized absence extending the limits of confinement from a correctional institution to visit a specific place within the boundaries of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for a specific length of time.  At the expiration of the furlough, the inmate must return to the designated facility.

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