Supervision Districts


To protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

 District 12

District Supervisor - Chris Copenhaver 

Copenhaver is an 18-year veteran of the Department of Corrections who has dedicated his career to serving the Division of Probation & Parole. He began his career in District 6 at the Danville Probation & Parole Office in January of 1998 before transferring to the Lawrenceburg Office in August of 1998.  He supervised offenders in Anderson, Boyle, Mercer, and Washington County and conducted court investigations for three Circuit Courts. In January of 2003 Copenhaver was promoted to Assistant District Supervisor in the 6th District. In July 2004, he was promoted to District 12 Supervisor, a newly established district in Probation & Parole.  Copenhaver has been the only District Supervisor of District 12 since its inception. Also at that time, at 28 he was the youngest supervisor in the Division. Copenhaver is a 1996 graduate of Lindsey Wilson College. 


Chris Copenhaver, Supervisor – Franklin Co.
Tim Perkinson, Asst. Supervisor
Don Keene, Asst. Supervisor

2439 Old Lawrenceburg Road
Frankfort, KY 40602-2400

P.O. Box 2400
Phone: (502) 564-6613
Fax: (502) 564-9397

District 12 covers the following counties

Anderson, Carroll, Franklin, Gallatin, Grant, Henry, Oldham, Owen, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble

District 12 Satellite Offices

1209 Highland Avenue Suite T 
Carrollton, KY 41008 - Carroll Co.

P.O. Box 342
Fax: (502) 732-4663
Phone: (502) 732-6396 
          (502) 732-9448

2202 Commerce Parkway, Suite C
LaGrange, KY 40031 – Oldham Co.

Fax: (502) 222-4339
Phone: (502) 222-1492 or 7230

859 Taylorsville Road
Shelbyville, KY 40065 – Shelby Co.

Fax: (502) 647-1722
Phone: (502) 633-3327


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