Kentucky State Penitentiary


To protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

 Deputy Warden Steven Ford

Deputy Warden Steven Ford Ford began his career with the Department of Corrections in May 1997 as a correctional officer at the Green River Correctional Complex (GRCC). In 1999, he was promoted to sergeant and in 2001 he was promoted to lieutenant. In this role he was the yard supervisor, segregation supervisor, adjustment officer, and internal affairs officer.

In 2007, Ford was promoted to unit administrator I and three years later to unit administrator II. During his time in these positions, he was assigned to and supervised all of the housing units at GRCC. Ford remained active in security by supervising the Internal Affairs and Security Threat Group (STG) sections, in addition to his primary responsibilities.

In 2010, Ford was assigned to oversee the conversion of an institutional dorm. He developed the plans, policies, and procedures for the operation of the unit and worked closely with maintenance during the construction phase regarding all aspects of security.

Ford has been recognized with numerous awards during his career, including Employee of the Month, Supervisor of the Quarter, and Supervisor of the Year Award. He is a member of the Kentucky Council on Crime and Delinquency (KCCD) and the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation (CPOF).

A 22-year retired United States Army veteran, Ford served in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as other combat, operational, and peace-keeping deployments.

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