Bell County Forestry Camp


To protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

 Visiting Information

Visitation is Saturday, Sunday and State Holidays from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

In the event the visiting area is full and visitors are waiting to visit other inmates, visitations will be concluded on a 2 hour basis.

Special considerations for visitation shall have prior written approval from the Warden or Deputy Warden.

Inmate visitation day is determined by the last digit of the Inmate Institutional Number, odd or even.

2018 Inmate Visitation Schedule


Authorized Items 

Visitors shall only be allowed the following items in their possession when they report to Operations:

  1. Car keys
  2. Driver's license or picture I.D. (required)
  3. $75.00 per family in any combination of coins and/or bills
  4. (2) baby bottles, (2) jars of baby food, (5) baby diapers, (1) coloring book, (1) box of crayons

Visitors will be allowed to spend up to $50.00 on items for the inmate they are visiting at the Inmate Canteen.  These items can be picked up by the inmate after visitation and searches have ended.

No tobacco products will be allowed to enter institutional grounds. 

Visitor Dress Code Standards  

  1. Visitors wearing lewd, sexually suggestive, eccentric, provocative, or disruptive clothing shall not be admitted.
  2. Footwear shall be worn by a visitor
  3. A male visitor shall not wear shorts more than 2 inches above the knee. A sleeveless shirt shall not be worn.
  4. Female Visitor
    1. A female visitor shall not wear:
      1. See through clothing
      2. A tank top
      3. Shorts, skirts, or dresses shorter than 2 inches above the knee
      4. A wrap-around skirt
      5. A skirt with a split of more than 2 inches above the knee
      6. Sleeveless clothing
    2. A female visitor shall wear undergarments and clothing that covers the midriff, bosom, and cleavage.
  5. The Shift Supervisor shall make the final determination on dress code compliance.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Each inmate may be allowed a maximum of three (3) adult visitors and a manageable number of their minor children at each visit.
  2. Purses and other valuables shall either be left in the visitor's locked vehicle or upon request, locked in storage lockers located at the operations office. A small change purse shall be permitted. Bell County Forestry Camp shall not be responsible for any item lost or stolen during a visit.
  3. A visitor shall not be allowed to visit unless that person is on the approved visitation list for that inmate in accordance with CPP 16.1.
  4. Loud, disruptive, or argumentative behavior shall not be allowed.  Profanity shall not be tolerated.
  5. Communication with a non-visiting inmate shall not be allowed.
  6. All visitors shall be subject to search upon entrance to the institution.
  7. A visitor shall not be allowed to leave and re-enter the visiting area.
  8. A radio, television, camera, recording device, cell phone or any external communication device shall not be allowed.
  9. A visitor shall not be permitted to register to see the same inmate more than once or another inmate on the same day unless approved by the Shift Supervisor.
  10. Inmates or visitors shall not be allowed to lie on the tables or the ground.
  11. An item shall not be exchanged during visits without the approval of the shift supervisor.
  12. Children shall be supervised at all times and shall remain at their assigned table in the visiting area. Children may be allowed to use the designated playground equipment when visiting outside.
  13. An inmate's personal property shall not be sent out through a visitor without prior approval of the Property Officer and the Shift Supervisor. The approved item shall be given to the visitor at the end of the visit via the Visiting Officer.
  14. When seated at a picnic bench, both feet of the adult shall be on the same side of the bench with both feet on the ground or floor.
  15. A visitor shall be allowed only the required dosage of prescription medication and only in its original container with the visitor’s name and type of medication and dosage.
  16. An adult visitor shall leave picture identification at the Operations Building before being allowed entry. The identification shall be returned as the visitor leaves the institution.
  17. Roughhousing or horse playing shall not be permitted.
  18. A visitor may purchase any item at the inmate canteen, as regulated and announced by staff. A visitor shall go to the canteen only one (1) time per visit. An adult visitor shall accompany children to the canteen. Only one (1) adult visitor per table shall go to the canteen per visit. Canteen will be closed to visitors promptly at 1:30 PM. 

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