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Deputy Warden Ivan Krow

Krow is a 12-year veteran of the Department of Corrections. He began his career in 2008 as a correctional officer at Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex (EKCC) in West Liberty. He was promoted to sergeant in 2011 and promoted again to lieutenant in 2012. Krow then worked in the institution's Internal Affairs department before promoting to captain in 2015.

While at EKCC, Krow served on the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) for over eight years and held the position of squad leader from 2010 to 2016. 

In 2017, Krow transferred to LSCC and became the facility's first safety coordinator. He also held the position of PREA compliance manager for the institution. Krow was officially promoted to major at LSCC in 2019 after having been special detailed to the position for six months. Krow has been acting deputy warden at LSCC since November of last year. 

During his career in Corrections, Krow has received several awards including Rookie of the Year, Employee of the Month, Supervisor of the Quarter, Model Employee Award and the Commissioner's Award. Krow is a graduate of the 2014 Commissioner's Executive Leadership Program and a member of the Kentucky Council on Crime and Delinquency (KCCD).