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Deputy Warden Terry Wallace

Wallace began his career with the department as a correctional officer in September 2000 at the Kentucky State Reformatory. In 2005, he promoted to sergeant at Little Sandy Correctional Complex (LSCC). Wallace worked his way through the security ranks, including serving as lieutenant, captain, senior captain and major. In August 2018, Wallace was special detailed to EKCC as the deputy warden of security.

A corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) member since 2004, Wallace was named the LSCC CERT commander in April 2015. He was selected as the Eastern Region CERT commander at the beginning of 2017. The next year he helped lead the LSCC CERT in assisting Rowan County Detention Center move approximately 120 inmates from their old facility to the newly constructed one.

Wallace has consistently displayed leadership abilities and has had multiple years of perfect attendance. He was recognized for his outstanding performance for assistance to the Bourbon County Detention Center in January 2013. He was named Supervisor of the Quarter in 2007 and in 2015.