Marion Adjustment Center


To protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

 Inmate Programs 

Residential Drug Addiction Program (RDAP)- 
The Residential Drug Abuse Program is a 9 month cognitive-behavioral therapeutic treatment model delivered in a therapeutic community environment with clearly defined moral and ethical boundaries.  The program curriculum is provided in seven highly structured "interactive journals" that cover each of the major areas including, orientation to treatment, errors in thinking, relationships, self-management skills, and relapse prevention.  Treatment progress is determined through individual participation and goals met on the individual treatment plan. The inmate earns 90 days goodtime for completion.
The program is supervised by an Addictions Treatment Manager and seven substance abuse counselors. The program is also a licensed DUI program.

Life Principles Community Program (LCPC) -
This program uses video lecture, hands-on instruction, independent study, journaling, individual/group counseling, and mentoring. The program is a faith based program that addresses criminal thinking errors related to self-centeredness, blaming others, minimizing/mislabeling, and assuming the worst. The program addresses family violence, employment, pre-employment attitudes, relationships, personality/anger and emotion management, values and beliefs.
This program is taught by the Chaplin with the assistance of volunteers from the community.

Thinking for a change –
This is a 3 month program that provides lessons on thinking errors and learning new ways of thinking. Begins with lessons on social skills & learning how to listen, Choices & consequences, thinking reports, and setting goals. The group meets twice a week for an hour each session. The program is currently only offered to our medium population and the inmate earns 90 days goodtime for completion.
This program is taught by 2 Case Managers

This program is directed at improving parenting skills by focusing on making choices, role modeling, responsibilities as a father, positive discipline, communication skills, stages of childhood development etc… The Case Managers currently search the internet for program material with no set curriculum. By policy this is a 12 week program however due to the lack of materials for the program it is currently 8 weeks long. The program is limited to no more than 15 inmates per class and no goodtime is awarded for completion. Mac has 3 housing units where a Case Manager in each unit delivers the program to the population.

Anger Management –
This program is an 8 week course directed at actions & consequences, thinking things thru before you act etc… The facility has no set curriculum or materials for these classes. The Case Manager who delivers the program in each unit searches the internet for their materials. There is no goodtime awarded for completion
Veteran's club-
The veterans club is designed to give inmates who are military veterans a way of showing support to each other and to the military by way of fundraisers for care packages, raising funds various ways to support anyone who has served in the military in anyway they can.
The group meets once a month and is supervised by the classification coordinator

These 2 programs are set up as a peer driven support group that meets once a week in each housing unit and covers the 12 steps, involves the group talking about any issues for the week and someone will usually give their life story related to addiction. A Case Manager supervises the meetings with no goodtime involved. To earn a certificate of attendance the inmate must attend at least 12 consecutive meetings.

GED/College courses -
The facility has an Academic program where the inmate can earn a GED or attend basic college courses offered by Campbellsville University. These programs are offered in both of our minimum and medium population. 90 days goodtime is awarded for completion.

Vocational Programs – The facility has 3 vocational programs which are
Microsoft (computers) a 6 – 9 month program depending on the individual and his progress that teaches the basic applications and how to use them.
Horticulture – A 9 month program
Building/ Apartment Maintenance – A 9 month program which cover carpentry, electricity, & plumbing.
All the vocational programs are taught by academic instructors and award 90 days goodtime for completion.

Second Chances
This program involves getting dogs from the kennel that instead of being put down they are taught basic obedience, house broken then adoption fairs are held where the public can adopt the dog. The program teaches the inmate responsibility, Compassion, Patience, and job skills. This is a non- profit program that is offered in both minimum which is 6 months and in medium security which is a one year program.
The program is supervised by Case Managers in both units, outside volunteers, and the local veterinarian. A 90 goodtime award has been proposed but not yet approved.

Prison to the Streets
Watch video and discuss release documentation and requirements of reporting to parole officer.
Classification Coordinator delivers the program to the population.