Marion Adjustment Center


To protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes; and, to provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

 General Inmate Information 

Inmates may receive personal mail from any outside source.  Mail is picked up from and delivered to the St. Mary Post Office Monday through Friday.  Mail will not be picked up or delivered on weekends and holidays.  Incoming mail will be opened by facility staff, inspected, and read to check for contraband or a violation of facility rules has occurred or is planned.  Per CPP 17.1, inmates must purchase stamps from the Commissary.  They can not be sent in. Your mail must have the appropriate return address or it will be given to the Chief of Security, or designee to obtain an address so that it can be returned.  In accordance with CPP 16.2 on inmate correspondence indicates that incoming mail may be rejected if the envelope is not properly addressed.  Any inmate mail which is received without a full return address, to include the sender’s name and address, will be rejected.  Mail containing money orders must be marked with the words “Inmate Account” and contain only the money order.  Money orders will not be accepted with any other correspondence.  If this happens, the contents and the money order will be returned to the sender. Inmates cannot receive greeting cards, blank envelopes, paper or stamps to be used in the mail by you to send out.  Outgoing mail shall be opened and inspected or read to determine if contraband is enclosed or any violation of facility rules has occurred. The inmate will be notified when contraband is intercepted and held by the facility.  Magazines, books, religious materials and the like shall be mailed, prepaid by publishers or authorized distributors.  An inmate shall not be permitted to receive publications from non-publishers.  Privilege mail-such as mail to and from attorneys, courts, state and local chief executive officers, administrators of grievance systems and paroling authorities-shall not be opened, except for the inspection of contraband, and ONLY in the presence of the inmate concerned.  Inmates maintaining a balance of $5.00 or less for thirty days prior to requesting indigent status are eligible to send two letters per week free postage.  Contact your assigned Case Manager if you meet indigent status. 
To speed-up mail handling, all inmates must use the below format as the return address on all letters being mailed from the Marion Adjustment Center.
    Inmate’s Name
    Institution Number and Bed Number
    Marion Adjustment Center (NOTE: DO NOT WRITE M.A.C.)
    95 Raywick Road
    St. Mary, KY  40063

Inmate Money

Money to be entered on an inmate’s account must be received in the form of a Postal Money Order, Cashier or Certified Check ONLY.  No cash or personal checks will be accepted.  All money correctly received will be posted on the inmate’s account with a receipt sent to the inmate indicating the amount entered on his account.  Money may be sent by the inmate to relatives and vendors by completing the proper form which is available through his assigned Counselor.  Inmates are free to deposit personal funds in interest bearing accounts (i.e. savings accounts) outside the facility.  A fee is normally charged by banks for monies to be sent from such accounts.  Consult your Correctional Counselor or other staff regarding this matter.  Money orders or cash may not be received in packages or on visits.  Inmates are not permitted to possess any monies.  Inmates are allowed to purchase up to $100.00 worth of items from the commissary per week, depending on the balance in the inmate's personal account that is available to be drawn from.
 The amount per money order cannot exceed $200 unless the payer is governmental agency, insurance company, stock broker, dividends, pensions, or refund from a vendor or immediate family member as defined by CPP 16.1.  Marion Adjustment Center has the capability of receiving Western Union Checks.  Western Union Code City is: Marionadj and the state: KY.
Deposits shall not exceed $200 for any one deposit, except from IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS


If it is necessary to phone the facility in an emergency, the telephone number is (270) 692-9622.  The Shift Supervisor on duty should be notified of emergencies.  Inmates are not allowed to receive telephone calls.